About me


Welcome to my website! I hope you will have a look around and find inspiration.

My name is Hanne Pilegaard, and I work as an international process consultant, facilitator, mentor/coach, mediator and advocate


I AM INSPIRED by how much we are capable of achieving, if we truly listen to each other, respect each other’s differences and take advantage of each other’s strengths.


MY GOAL is to help workplaces and individuals achieve better cooperation and communication – and enjoy more “arbejdsglæde”!1


WHAT I REALLY ENJOY is working with people from different countries, cultures and background!




In June 2014 I started my own business as a consultant. It was a bit of a shift, as I have worked as lawyer, advocate and manager for almost 25 years in non-governmental organizations. In all those years I have been lucky to work with issues that are close to my heart; human rights and development, and with people from across the globe.


Quite a few people have asked me the very valid question “Why this change?”


Although I do understand the question, I really don’t see it as a huge leap. It has been a very natural and incremental change for me.


In a nutshell: it’s all about PEOPLE! I’ve just scaled it down a bit – brought it closer to home, as it were. :)


At the core of my interest in human rights is the conviction that all human beings strive for – and have a right to – the best life possible. I also believe that we can help each other to achieve just that.


When I became a people manager, my focus quite naturally turned to the internal well-being and cooperation of staff and managers – how can we ensure that people work effectively together, how can we help them thrive and develop? Are conflicts resolved in the best possible way and how does the workplace get through the inevitable changes? And how does the well-being of the workforce affect the overall results of the workplace?


I wholeheartedly believe that in order to do a good job, you need to be in balance in your own life. This goes for the private life – it is also true for our work-life. A bit like they tell us when we’re flying; if the cabin pressure drops, first put on your own mask, then help others!


I have, as most people, experienced good times and bad times in the workplace. I have been stressed out, frustrated and unable to make things work. Tough as it was, it also strengthened my resolve. I became dedicated to finding ways to improve the work environment and the well-being of the individuals there.


For the past 10 + years, I have practiced and studied leadership and leadership training, change management, mediation, facilitation, mentoring, communication and cooperation. Follow this link for my CV.




As you will see from the website(Advocacy), I also offer my services as an experienced advocate.


Advocacy is also about PEOPLE; it is about communicating and cooperating. Advocacy is all about working with others to change status quo and transform it into something better.

I look forward to meeting you to find out how we can work together!


Very best wishes




1. [The word ”Arbejdsglæde” only exists in the Scandinavian langauges and literally means “happiness at work”. Learn more by seeing this short video : http://www.whattheheckisarbejdsglaede.com/]

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