Curriculum vitae (last update: 10-04-2015)

Name: Hanne Elisabeth Pilegaard Rounded Image
Address: Stengårds Allé 100
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Phone: +45 20 54 60 09
Date of birth 5. august 1961
Personal Married with two grown children
PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Title / Job function Area of responsibility Results and competencies
CEO Happy Workplace

June 2014 -

Website: (Danish only – English version on its way!)

LinkedIn: Hanne Elisabeth Pilegaard

Facilitator, coach, mediator, public speaker

Advocacy advisor
Assisting workplaces in optimizing the work environment - by training managers and staff, and by developing sustainable procedures and cooperation

Advocacy strategy and planning
Leadership training
Facilitation of workshops and long-term processes
Mediation of conflicts and conflict-handling processes
Inspirational talks

Advocacy strategies and practices with more impact
International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims

May 2013 – June 2014
Director of Legal and Advocacy (maternity cover) Leading the global legal and advocacy work of the IRCT

Managing staff based in 3 countries

Support to organizational development and work of governance bodies
International advocacy in a multicultural setting

Distance management.
Change management

Heading an innovative approach to policy setting
1 July 2013 – 15 October 2013 Interim Secretary General (in conjunction with 4 others) Leading the IRCT Secretariat Executive leadership
Crisis management
Collective Leadership
Save the Children Denmark

April 2012 – May 2013
Head of Advocacy and Policyafdeling To develop coherent and impactful advocacy work nationally and internationally Developed a 3-year strategy for Save the Children's advocacy and policy work.

Consultant on advocacy issues

Coordinated Nordic Advocacy Group
May 2010 – April 2012 Head of Thematic Development and Advocacy (International Department) Leading 12 thematic employees with a focus on rights-based programs in developing countries

Strategy planning, team formation and well-being of the section and the department Advocacy work on development issues, including being a member of the steering group of the Geneva Advocacy office

Internal advocacy within Save the Children International.
Secured sound development of Save the Children's work in rights, education, protection and survival.

Contributed to improved internal processes and plans, and coached employees to better well-being.

Contributed to advocacy on child rights issues towards the Danish Government and the UN.
Amnesty International

2009 – May 2010
Head of Policy Department Overall responsible for policy, research and advocacy

Restructuring the department

Management team
Deputy for Secretary General on policy issues

Established a well- functioning team of lobbyists and researchers

Strategic planning, cooperation and sparring.
1999,2001,2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 Delegate to Amnesty International Council Meeting (ICM)

Drafting consultant at ICM in 2009
Decisions concerning Amnesty's global strategies

Danish department negotiator on Human Rights Policy

"spokesperson" for 100 people from 40 countries in the negotiations
Influenced Amnesty International's overall policy.

Experienced international negotiator

Central role in ensuring flexible and smooth negotiation process.
2006 - 2009 Head of Campaign and Policy Department Overall responsible for research, campaigning and lobbying

Department of 14 employees

Staff responsible and coach
Secured greater coherence in and effectiveness of Amnesty's advocacy

Creating efficient new department. Action plans and budget responsibility.

Responsible for performance appraisal interviews, salary negotiations and other personnel matters, including crisis management
2003 - 2006 Head of Policy and legal Department Political and legal advisor
Professional responsible for research and advocacy
Strengthened Amnesty’s impact on Danish decision makers.

Built up expertise in human rights and political influence

1996 – 2003 International coordinator and lobbyist Legal and political consultant and researcher on human rights issues and Danish legislation

Lobbyist / advocate to Danish decision-makers

Campaign Coordinator for 3 campaigns
Jointly responsible for the Danish department's human rights stance towards decision-makers, the media and other organizations

Jointly responsible for the Danish department's human rights stance towards decision-makers, the media and other organizations

Establishing good contacts with Danish authorities

Project Management
1990 – 1998 Refugee Coordinator Administrating asylum cases

Legal researcher and advocate on refugee issues
Commenting law proposals on immigration and criminal law area

Built expertise on refugee law

Coordinator for refugee work across multiple organizations.
1988 – 1989
EC Commission
Trainee Human Rights in EC Learned how EC worked with human rights. Learned to work in an international environment
2013 - Member of the Refugee Appeals Board for the Danish Refugee Council (2-3 times a month)
1982 – 1988
University of Copenhagen
Law degree (course subjects of human rights, criminology and criminal policy)
March - May 2013 Certified Mediator Master Practitioner
September 2012 Facilitator and Coach at Save the Children's Leadership Development Program
February 2011 Save the Children Leadership Development Program
Februar 2011 Change Management course (PROSCI)
March 2010 Value-Added facilitation and meeting management
Nov./Dec. 2009 Mediation Practitioner (conflict mediation course)
2007 - 2010 Ongoing tailored leadership program through ChangeCom
2002 Basic Management course
1998 + 1999 International training in advocacy
1989 – 1998 Training in refugee law and human rights
LANGUAGE LEVEL (1-5, where 1 is less good and 5 is fluent)
Danish 5 5
English 5 5
French 3 1
German 2 1
Swedish 4 2
Norwegian 4 2
Other trainings
Mentor in the Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists (Djøf) August 2012 - present (+ private mentoring for 3 people)
Security Training November (SC) 2010
Ongoing Coach + mentor
Public speaker
Chair and moderator / facilitator, including internationally
1995 - Member of Amnesty Policy Committee
1990 - 2003 TTeam leader for volunteers
1990 - 1998 Amnesty representative of the Danish Refugee Council
1997 Amnesty Nordic Representative of UNHCR Executive Committee meeting
1992 – 1994 Employee representative and member of the works committee
1990 Co-organizer of alternative CSCE conference in Copenhagen
1989 – 1990 Volunteering at the Center for Human Rights and Amnesty International
Responsible Creates energy and good mood
Analytical Inspires and motivates
Navigates well politically Enthusiastic communicator
Solution oriented Competent chairperson
Creative Good coach and sparring partner
Bridge builder Curious about people
PRIVATELY I enjoy singing in a choir, read books, listen to music and spend time with family and friends. I attend concerts; go to galleries and museums and to movies. All in all I am a very socially active person, who through the years has also discovered the joys of laying low with a good book or going for a long walk by myself. I am a curious person with a sense of humor, who very much enjoys meeting new people and cultures. I love to travel; the more the better.