As facilitator and mediator


I have known Hanne Pilegaard for many years, and through different projects. Alongside having an excellent ability to think structurally, Hanne possesses empathy and care for others, which enables her to transform cultures and moods positively. These abilities makes Hanne succeed as facilitator and mediator where others fail.

– Mediator, lawyer, psychotherapist, Tina Monberg, mediationcenter a/s

As facilitator in a meeting for the Directors of 6 Danish Representations in Brussels, aiming to strengthen their cooperation:

“The group agreed that it was a good day, and we took a big step forward. And I sense that we agree use the basis established yesterday as a starting point for our future work. We also agreed that it made an absolute positive difference to have an external facilitator. We wouldn’t have achieved what we did, without one”

Lars Holte Nielsen, Director, Central Denmark EU Office

As facilitator and coach in the non-governmental organization Save the Children:

“Hanne has facilitated on our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) and Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP) since September 2012. Participants have rated Hanne highly on her facilitation and support to their learning. Hanne is flexibile, adaptable and a valuable support to the wider project team during the programme to ensure its smooth delivery”/blockquote>

Shola Awolesi, Global Leadership Development Manager at Save the Children

As mentor and coach – and manager

”Hanne Pilegaard is an open, warmhearted and forthcoming Coach and Mentor. I know Hanne as a human being who genuinely takes an interest in her Mentee and for whom there are no limits to what a person is able to develop or achieve in life. Meeting Hanne you will immediately experience real interest, understanding, curiosity, humour and a support you really notice.”

Zafreen Niazi, Psychologist, Consultant


She’s an experienced manager, and she knows how difficult it is to implement real organizational changes. She understands people; what makes them tick and why they sometimes seem to be going against the direction I’m advocating. I’ve often asked Hanne for advice before engaging in conflict-prone dialogue with counterparts and members of staff. Hanne is a very dedicated person. Engaged, motivated and very motivating. It’s a pleasure working with her.

Jess Pilegaard CIO at Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark


“Hanne is the most empatic boss I’ve ever had. Hanne knows to listen to your recommendations and to guide and coach you towards the goal you’ve agreed on without correcting directly. Hanne has the most positive spirit and creates a great ambiance around her – though never compromising with the quality of the content and work.”

Eva Hesse Lundström, Senior Consultant, PR, event and campaigning at Engineer the Future

As an advocate

Hanne is a dedicated and engaged person with good technical skills on human rights, advocacy and policy. I enjoyed working with her in Save the Children Denmark and can fully recommend her as a consultant within policy, advocacy, development and human rights issues – and as a warm and joyful colleagues as well :-)

Sita Michael Bormann Senior Advisor, Child Protection, Save the Children Denmark

Happy Work Place