Advocacy can be defined in many ways, but for me it is about acting to change or influence policies, practices or systems.

Advocacy covers a whole range of techniques, ranging from the political analysis, the monitoring of risks and opportunities, writing letters, meetings, media work and campaigning etc.

Which approach and techniques to use depends on the context, the culture and the political climate. In some countries it is possible and even advisable to be very direct and open; using media and campaigning on a large scale and directly confronting the government. In other countries you are likely to have much more impact by speaking in a “softer” voice, contacting local decision-makers and communities. In addition, it will often be very effective to cooperate with other actors in the field to achieve your objectives.

Regardless of which techniques you apply, it is paramount to always work professionally in order to have the desired effect. Well-prepared and well-executed advocacy is an effective way for actors who are not in the center of decision-making to make a difference.


I have worked professionally with international advocacy for 25 years, and have been a part of furthering many different agendas for e.g. arms control, prohibition of capital punishment and torture, children’s and women’s rights, as well as poverty reduction and education.

A lot of the objectives we aimed for, were achieved successfully, others are still pending. One of the cornerstones of good advocacy is patience, while another is having a strategy or plan for your advocacy.

You are the expert on the changes you want to see. I can assist you in transforming your cause into a powerful statement; as well as help you create a road-map for change.

I offer my assistance in:

  • Developing an advocacy strategy, as well as specific advocacy plans
  • Building processes that can facilitate your ability to influence politically planning of advocacy activities
  • Reviewing existing advocacy plans / processes
  • Advocacy related advice in general


We’ll have a talk about your needs and find out how we can work together.

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Good advocacy requires:

  • A clear picture of the political objectives to be achieved
  • In-depth knowledge of the case
  • Analysis of the political landscape
  • Analysis of “resistance” and clarification of the pro’s and con’s
  • Identifying tools to be used (meeting with policy makers, letters, publicity, etc.)
  • Working across disciplines (advocacy, communications, fundraising, management)
  • Evaluation
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