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Welcome to this page! It is all about the services I offer.


The core of my work is to support individuals and organizations to enhance their professional collaboration and communication across-the-board. I work in many different countries, and specialize in international and inter-cultural cooperation.


The cultural settings will be different, but the overarching aim is the same: to improve the well-being of the people involved achieving a healthy, well-functioning and productive cooperation within the workplace, reaching out to internal and external partners.


The key services provided are:


  • Facilitation “packages”
    • A happier workplace!
    • Advocacy with impact
  • Other workshops
  • Mentoring of managers and employees
  • Mediation


For all my services I offer A FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your needs and how we can work together.




The original meaning of facilitation is “to make easy”. Using an external facilitator to assist can considerably ease a process! You can allow yourself to concentrate on the content of your discussions, and have an external person ensure form and momentum.

I facilitate meetings, workshops and longer processes. It all depends on your wishes!






My services can include (tailored to your needs):


  • A presentation on “Happy Workplace” for managers and/or staff
  • Facilitation of 1 or 2 day workshops on how you can work to improve well-being at your workplace
  • Individual coaching/sparring
  • Mediation in concrete conflicts
  • Development of an overall conflict resolution design
  • A longer process (up to 6 months) where we dig a little deeper into improving well-being, including all or some of the above.


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My services include (tailored to your needs):


  • Developing an advocacy strategy, as well as specific advocacy plans
  • Building processes that can facilitate your ability to influence politically
  • Planning of advocacy activities
  • Reviewing existing advocacy plans / processes
  • Advocacy related advice in general

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You might be planning a short team meeting to develop a project or a group discussion on motivation. Or a meeting to improve your meeting culture!


You may want to have a 1 or 2 day workshop to improve leadership in areas of e.g. communicating with impact, how to motivate, or conflict resolution.


As your facilitator, I would help you formulate the goals, assist in the agenda setting, and most importantly, ensure that the determined goals are met regardless of whether it is a meeting, workshop or a longer process.


Examples of meetings or workshops (others can be tailored to suit your needs):


  • LEADERSHIP – how can we best motivate our employees?
  • LEADERSHIP – how do I handle “difficult conversations” to ensure a win-win outcome?
  • MEETINGS – how can we improve our meeting culture?
  • ADVOCACY – communicating and cooperating with impact.




I would be happy to visit your workplace to give a presentation on the ABOVE topics or similar within these areas: CROSS-COOPERATION, LEADERSHIP, CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AND ADVOCACY.


To improve the functioning of a workplace, it is often helpful if employees – managers and staff – are provided with the opportunity to seek guidance from an experienced mentor when the situation arises.


As part of my services, I offer one-on-one mentoring (standalone or part of a process). My services are based on many years as a manager and mentor supporting a vast number of people with varying needs. I have seen first-hand the benefits of a good mentoring process and the positive impact in a workplace.


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I offer


  • Mediation of a specific conflict
  • Design of a conflict management system

Conflict is a natural part of being and working together. It occurs at various times and in many forms within a workplace and between workplaces.


Conflicts can be destructive if not taken care of. However, they can also be constructive, and are almost guaranteed to move a process forward!

As human beings we each perceive the world in our own unique way. These different perceptions tend to clash and often it happens in the workplace. Such situations can evolve either into a constructive or a negative conflict.


A mediator is an impartial third party, who can help conflicting parties resolve their issues and move forward.


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I am a trained mediator from the Mediation Center A/S (www.mediationcenter.dk), and am specialized in workplace conflicts.


  • Mediation of a specific conflict
  • Design of a conflict management system




If you are interested in learning more, please contact me. Let’s discuss what I can do for you!


My contact details are: (mobile) +45 20 54 60 09 / (email) hp@happyworkplace.dk.


I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Work Place